The Delay…

About a year ago I began to recognize a phenomenon that I like to call “the delay.” I began to find myself becoming repeatedly surprised over my patients’ outdated beliefs regarding multiple topics on health and nutrition. The deal is this– there is a very long delay between the time that research uncovers new information regarding health/wellness and the information disseminates into popular culture. That being said, I have also since learned to check myself and remember that, you know, not everyone spends so much of their day researching health and nutrition topics as I do! Anyways, here’s my quick list of quick and dirty catch-ups, just in case:

1) Fats are good! It’s the empty carbohydrates that are doing you in! Please, lordy, no more buying of the “reduced fat” products! BAD BAD BAD! They’re full of sugar sugar sugar!

This article explains things wonderfully:

2) Chemical based sunscreens can increase DNA damage and free radicals in your body! DNA damage and free radicals can lead to skin cancer. So, the very products you are using to prevent skin cancer may actually be doing the opposite. Yes. That means your sunscreen. The one you’re using right now. Unless, that is, you’ve actively sought out (non-micronized) zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based sunscreens. Have you? Additionally, sunscreens have never actually effectively been shown to prevent skin cancer at all!

Read More:

3)While we’re on the topic… sunlight appears to be actually anti-carcinogenic. It also stimulates your body to produce vitamin D– the one vitamin that almost everyone is deficient in.

4)Running Shoes. Less is more. It seems that all of our recent additions (arch support, cushiony bottoms, etc.) to running shoes have only resulted in more injuries. See, the problem is that supportive shoes hold your foot in an abnormal position. This results in an emphasis on the wrong muscles to support your running. Then you’ll have to come to me to fix your knees! Which I will do, but…!

Here’s a recent study:

5)Eating fish is pretty much a bad idea all around. Mercury and other heavy metals are found in all saltwater fish. Plastic is also found in their muscles and gut (think Body Worlds plastination). Even farmed saltwater fish are a problem because saltwater fisheries are contiguous with the ocean. Actually, farmed saltwater fish is probably worse because most of the time there are a lot of antibiotics involved that get out to the open sea. The fish that you can eat with the least worry is farmed freshwater fish (like tilapia, for example). Unfortunately, these fish simply aren’t quite as nutritionally beneficial as their ocean counterparts– and, let’s face it– they aren’t exactly the Don Perignon of fish either!

The Algalita Marine Research Foundation talks about plastics in the ocean and fish:

6)Household antibacterial soaps, detergents, etc. are mostly bad for you and the world. Now, I’m not saying not to wash your hands, and if you’re in a business that brings you into contact with sick people constantly, by all means– wash profusely. I’m just saying to wash with normal soap. I promise that you can get them as clean as they need to be with normal soap. The problem with antibiotic/antibacterial products is that they make bacteria stronger, more virile, and resistant to antibiotics!

From the CDC: